Saturday, 23 April 2016

Traditional healer

Are traditional healers trained? Western medical doctors go through over 5 years of tertiary education plus 2 years of something such as apprenticeship. What about the traditional healers, who're more common in African and South American village life? They're the initial point of call in their communities in case there is trouble, both health related and private life issues. True traditional healers in traditional African societies go through years of tutelage and experience, through an apprenticeship that takes a minimum of 7 years or so depending on the society to which they belong.witchcraft
In the Numba mountains of Southern Sudan, traditional healing is offered from generation to generation. In a normal healers family, the spirits pick a heir to whom the healing abilities are offered and bestowed. Some times the recipient of these abilities is chosen young and therefore easily groomed in to a traditional healer. To some, it comes late in life. It usually follows unexplainable sicknesses that do not react to modern medicine and can't be identified. The chosen person ails before elders are able to decipher the signals that the spirits are beckoning this individual to become a the brand new embodiment of the household tradition of healing.
I for just one like, I had a long period of apprenticeship to become a traditional healer. This is the time when bombs and bullets where raining in Southern Sudan. But there was no way I really could try to escape and join a large number of Southern Sudanese that run off to Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and all the surrounding countries. The spirits could not permit me to abandon them. I must be the embodiment of the clan and family spirits. I survived the carnage, as every one else either run, died or joined the combating groups. I didn't do any one of those and here I am.
In this period my spiritual ancestors and father took me through the traditional healing paces. I was taught the different herbs and the ailments they cured. I was taught the signs that spirits send to us, to foretell dangers and impending successes. At the end of everything I was a well rounded traditional healer, herbalist and psychic. I have been in a position to heal several ailments affecting societies to which I belong. I've helped people avoid dangers. I've helped people attract luck and love. This demonstrates to you that traditional healers are actually trained. They're similar to modern western trained doctors. The laboratory of the traditional healer would be the mountains and the bushes of the communities to which they belong.

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